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What is DocTalk?

A practice management solution that simplifies and automates all your processes. We aim to solve the problem that chokes the bandwidth of all doctors - TIME. Now streamline all your patient communication to one single platform - DocTalk.

Why DocTalk?

Because we want to build an ecosystem where healthcare is accessible to anyone, anytime and we would love for you to be a part of our journey.

Improved Patient Engagement

Improved Patient Compliance and Clinical Outcomes

Improved Clinical Efficiency

Increase in Revenue by 20%

Frequently asked questions

1. How will the application help me?

With DocTalk you can:

  • Easily manage all your patient records without the fear of any data leakage.
  • Improve your overall clinical efficiency.
  • Enjoy the best patient engagement and mutual participation ever.
  • Improve patient compliance and clinical outcomes.
  • Educate, advise and connect remotely with patients at your convenience (while increasing your revenue by about 20%).

2. How will my patients benefit from DocTalk?

Your patients can connect with you seamlessly using the DocTalk application. All their requirements right from getting advice, tips to scheduling appointments will be taken care of.

3. Is DocTalk mobile or web based?

DocTalk is a mobile application designed to be convenient and suit your busy time schedules.

4. How can I know more about your services?

You can request to know more about our services by filling up the form above. One of our associate will get in touch with you to take it forward.